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The Book of Wisdom

Osho had wanted his discourses to be published in their original form without any change or abridgement. Just a few years after Osho left his body,His words are being tampered with and indeed mutilated. This section presents the original edition of “The Book of Wisdom” highlighting the deleted chapters, text and words in red and addition and change of words in blue.     Table of contents Introduction Chapter 1 – Atisha The Thrice Great Chapter 2  – The Enlightenment of the Lily Chapter 3 –  Sitnalta and the Seventeen Chakras Chapter 4 – The Last Chance to Rebel Chapter 5 –  Sowing White Seeds Chapter 6 – Sannyas is for Lions Chapter 7 – Learning the Knack Chapter 8 –  Krishnamurtis Solo Flute Chapter 9  – Watching the Watcher Chapter 10 – Miracles are your Birthright Chapter 11...

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