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Eminent Persons on Osho

EMINENT PERSONALITIES ON OSHO Main be-qaid, main be-qaid – I am unfettered, unfettered am I “People like Osho are way ahead of their time. It is a good sign that the youth of today is reading more and more of Osho.” Shri K.R. Narayanan, Former President of India “To enable Indians and the world to appreciate the eternal India, Osho’s insights contained in his discourses and books should be made widely available around the world and through all media. This will also make the world understand India much better. “I was surprised and very impressed by Osho’s logic and how well he proved his points. When I was imprisoned during the Emergency for 19 months, I had the opportunity of reading Osho’s books on Mahavir, Kabir and the Geeta. I concluded that Osho is perhaps the most original thinker...

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