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OIF Strategies and Tactics

OIF, Zurich’s claim to own copyrights and trademarks related to Osho’s work involves a lot of misdirection and attempts to create confusion. There are six basic strategies and tactics OIF, Zurich uses to create this confusion. 1. “Osho asked us.” OIF, Zurich is constantly insisting that Osho asked them to do things contradictory to what Osho asked for in His discourses. Yet, Osho’s actions or failure to act are in every instance consistent with His public statements. For example, OIF, Zurich claims Osho asked it to “protect His name.” In fact, when He changed His name to Osho in 1989, Osho did not assign His new name to OIF, Zurich or any other group like the Inner Circle, as He could have done, but publicly requested that all His people around the world start using it at the same...

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