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The Ever-Changing Story

The Ever-Changing Story To own a trademark and the right to register and license that trademark, the trademark claimant must already own the exclusive right to use the term in question as a trademark. OIF’s story as to why it claimed to own that exclusive right in 1989 has changed dramatically over the years. 1999 In its applications for registration before the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), OIF claimed that Osho had used His name as a trademark and that Osho was OIF’s “predecessor in interest” for those rights, which means that Osho had assigned rights to OIF. OIF made these statements with regard to the following applications: 75-683094 Gourishankar Meditation; and 75-683091 Nataraj Meditation April 15, 1999 Office Action Responses from Mary Luria “The meditation was created by Applicant’s predecessor-in-interest and identified with the mark with which...

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