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Websites In 2000 a US for-profit corporation, America Multi-Media Corporation, filed a claim on behalf of OIF, Zurich with the National Arbitration Forum against Osho Dhyan Mandir and Atul Anand in New Delhi. The complaint claimed that OIF owned trademarks for “Osho” in the US, and as a result, Osho Dhyan Mandir’s domain name “OSHOWORLD.COM” should be transferred to OIF, since OIF was the only entity that could have a domain name including “Osho” on the entire Internet. The arbitrator refused OIF’s demand in a strong decision, where he said: This record…is more than sufficient to establish that OSHO does not and cannot serve as a source indicator and/or distinguishing moniker for Complainant [OIF] and/or Complainant’s goods and services. Under these circumstances, there is serious doubt as to whether Complainant “has rights” in such a trademark or service mark...

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