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OIF and NY and London Offices

OIF, Zurich has worked in connection with entities in some other countries. In the early 1990s it worked with a legal entity in England called Masterzone, Ltd. I don’t have detailed information about the legal connection between Masterzone and OIF, but Masterzone was an English corporation that appeared to act as OIF’s agent for a period of time, sometimes using the fictitious business name Osho International. I don’t yet have information about the structure of legal entities operating in England right now. Later, a for-profit company called America Multi-Media Corporation (AMMC) was formed in Arizona, and eventually did business in New York under the fictitious business name, Osho International. AMMC acted as OIF’s agent, but Pramod [Steeg], for some inexplicable reason, kept claiming in the US trademark case that AMMC was a “wholly owned subsidiary” of OIF, Zurich. Statements...

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