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OIF and RF and RFI

OIF and RF and RFI Osho International Foundation (OIF) is a Swiss nonprofit corporation, incorporated in 1984 as Rajneesh Foundation Europe (RFE). It later changed its name to Neo-Sannyas International Foundation, and still later in 1990 to Osho International Foundation. Rajneesh Foundation (RF) was perhaps the oldest foundation created to support Osho’s work. It was formed in India as Jivan Jagruti Kendra in1969, where it published some of Osho’s discourses as books and supported Him at the Woodlands in Bombay. This foundation changed its name to Shree Rajneesh Foundation in 1975, and was instrumental in setting up the Rajneesh Ashram in Pune, India. RF (and later other Indian trusts as well) provided Osho and some of the people working with Him with housing and support, and provided space, office equipment and supplies, and other support for the work of...

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