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Osho and OIF

Osho had no legal connection with OIF, Zurich whatsoever. Osho never transferred any legal rights to OIF. He didn’t even give them a name certificate. RFI’s role as founder of OIF did not transfer any legal rights from RFI to OIF. At the end of the Ranch period RFI, transferred certain copyrights it claimed to own to OIF. Those alleged transfers happened in 1985 and 1986, and RFI had no legal connection with OIF after 1986. At some point after 1985–86 OIF began to claim to own Osho’s copyrights. The evidence shows that Osho still owned His own copyrights at that point and continued to direct publishing operations. No one—Osho, RF, RFI—ever transferred any trademark rights to OIF. So whatever trademark rights any of them might conceivably have owned have nothing to do with OIF’s claim to own all...

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