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The History of Copyright Claims for Osho’s Work

The History of Copyright Claims for Osho’s Work Osho began giving discourses in the 1960s. By 1969 a charitable trust was set up in Bombay to support Osho’s work. This trust was Jivan Jagruti Kendra (JJK), and it began to publish some of Osho’s discourses in written form. These were actually small booklets containing collections of discourses. Some of those discourses were English translations of Hindi discourses. In those small booklets JJK listed itself as the copyright holder, but there’s no evidence that JJK ever tried to claim ownership of Osho’s copyright interests in the works. JJK may have had a copyright interest in the translations and compilations, while Osho held the copyright to the expression of ideas in the content. In 1974 Osho moved to Pune and the ashram was set up there. As more people came to...

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