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Document 3

Document 3 The third document OIF relies on completely contradicts the second and is not credible for several reasons. Document 3 purports to be a transfer of copyright from RF in India to RFI in the US, dated April 1, 1981. We don’t know if originals of this document are available. It appears to be signed by Yogend??? Manu? on behalf of Rajneesh Foundation and Asha Sipus on behalf of Chidvilas. This document specifically claims (in the introduction) to transfer rights that RF got from Osho through Document 1. As we’ve already seen, RF did not get any copyright ownership through the 1978 document (assuming the 1978 document is valid). At most RF got a conditional exclusive right to publish eight works. Document 3 says in the first paragraph: The Foundation [RF] assigns to Chidvilas [later RFI] all the...

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