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Document 4

Document 4 Just over four years after the second and third documents were allegedly signed in 1981, the operations of RFI in Oregon came to a halt, and RFI purported to transfer the rights it received under the 1981 transfer from RF (document 3) to RFE [later OIF]. This document is dated November 23, 1985, and was signed by Ma Prem Arup (a/k/a Garimo, Maria Ackerman) and Ma Anand Suranga. It has been filed with the US Library of Congress and is a public record. We don’t know if an original of this exists, but if it does, it’s most likely authentic. If this document can be authenticated, the question is what, if any, rights would it have transferred to OIF, Zurich? The answer is probably none at all. If the 1981 document allegedly signed by Osho could be...

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