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Document 5

Document 5 The last document that OIF has filed with the US Library of Congress in alleged support of its copyright claims to Osho’s work is a 1986 agreement between RFI and RFE [later OIF]. This is a public record and an original may be available. The document says: 1. RFI hereby assigns to RFE all of RFI’s right, title, and interest in all copyrights to religious magazines and newsletters, audiotapes and videotapes of religious music and celebrations, and religious photographs, cards, posters, and other similar items, and all the profit… … 5. Within twenty (20) days after the execution of this Agreement by both parties, RFI shall provide RFE with a schedule of all of the copyrights assigned under this Agreement… So, what if anything, does this transfer to OIF? This agreement has nothing to do with Osho’s...

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