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All Members of Osho International Foundation Suspended

All Members of Osho International Foundation Suspended

All four members of the Board of Osho International Foundation (OIF), Zurich, have been provisionally suspended. These four are indirectly controlling the Pune Osho Meditation Resort through their appointees.

Moreover, they cannot transfer any funds as ordered by the Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations, Switzerland, on 02 June 2014.

Michael O’Byrne (Anand Jayesh)
John Andrews (Prem Amrito)
D’Arcy O’Byrne (Yogendra)
Klaus Steeg (Pramod)

The Board’s President, Michael O’Byrne (Anand Jayesh), the Vice President, John Andrews (Prem Amrito) and three board members: D’Arcy O’ Byrne (Yogendra), Klaus Steeg (Pramod) and Rudolf Kocher, of OIF, Zurich were removed from their positions and functions.

The order was issued after an appeal by a former member of the Foundation Board of OIF, Robert Doetsch (Ramateertha of Osho Lotus Commune, Cologne, Germany). He complained to the Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations (ESA) on 20 May, 2014. He petitioned that the OIF Board officeholders should be dismissed and suitable new board members should be sought and instated.

The ESA upheld the complaint stating that OIF Board Members are guilty of serious breaches of the aims of the Foundation, particularly continued misappropriation of Foundation assets, the full extent of which cannot yet be fully estimated.

The ESA noticed the exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights by OIF and misappropriation and transfer of funds from the foundation to private companies. Thus all financial transactions of OIF have been stopped unless instructed by the Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations (ESA). This order can be appealed by OIF, Zurich within 30 days however all suspensory rights have been revoked.

This decision by a Swiss government authority follows a string of such complaints and litigations against this Swiss Foundation. Recently, a group of Osho disciples from Pune have been demanding probe into the affairs of the trusts controlled indirectly by the same suspended directors from the Zurich Foundation.

Since Osho left his body in 1990, Osho disciples in India and abroad have protested at the way the Osho Trusts and Foundations have been managed. Constant threats of infringement of Trademarks and Copyrights have been issued by this Board to the Osho meditation centres and disciples round the world. As a result, several centres have closed down.

When in 2000, OIF objected to a website for making Osho and his discourses freely available on the web around the globe, Osho Friends International (OFI), Delhi, an Association of Osho Meditation Centers and Osho lovers objected to the high handedness of OIF through National Arbitration Forum (NAF). In July, 2000, NAF decided in favour of Osho Dhyan Mandir, the owner of

Soon after, the trademarks of Osho registered by OIF in the US came to the notice of Osho Friends International, and they appealed for cancelling them to the US Trademark Trials and Appeal Board, of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The strongly worded unanimous verdict by the Board, on 13 January 2009, has established that “Osho” cannot be trademarked.

From Pune, Osho Friends Foundation (an association of friends and disciples) petitioned the Charity Commissioner raising serious objections to OIF’s application to gift a part of the Osho ashram in 2011. This was followed by legal cases and petitions filed in Bombay High Court and Pune Civil Court by Osho Friends. An FIR and a Police Complaint has also been registered against the OIF Board for misappropriation of funds and Osho ‘Will’ forgery.

In 2010, Osho Lotus Commune, Cologne, Germany filed a request in the Trademark Registry of EU in Alicante, for Declaration of Invalidity of ‘Osho’ trademark that was registered by Osho International Foundation (OIF), Zurich.

In 2013, OIF produced a ‘Will’ purportedly signed by Osho in Alicante, Spain, in a case filed by Osho Lotus Commune challenging the Trademark rights of OIF in Europe. This will was later withdrawn.

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  1. We have to Spred Osho massage more and more.

  2. osho is a greatest revolutionary.only he has capacity to change the world from hell to heaven. his work should not stop,instead should spread all over the world as fatly as possible.his all sanyaasins are so eager to do his please help them. i hope now osho’s work again will starts rapidly.

  3. Our Youtube Channel Take Down Notice And Remove OIF

    And Send Message This Information

    Dear Rajan

    We are responding to two emails re #9-5416000012582 received by you in connection with our cease and desist notice.

    • In the first place, Osho did not travel through India for 30 years.

    • Most of his talks were recorded in locations where Osho gave his talks, in Pune, in Rajneeshpuram, Uruguay and many other locations.

    • By law – established all over the world, the creator of these talks Osho is the owner of these talks – intellectual property.
    • Osho decided to give the rights to all of his work to his foundation so that the foundation can publish and license these talks for the benefit of his work and foundation.
    • Osho never released his work into the public domain, a US court in 1984 specifically decided that his works are not and have never been in the public domain.

    • The talks have been published by Osho’s foundation(s) throughout his life with clear legal copyright notices.

    • Yes, volunteers supported Osho in the early years and his foundation by donations and other support and made it possible to record these talks.
    • These recordings are owned by the foundation and have been the base and source of the work of the foundation for many years.

    • Osho signed many legal documents and even testified in a legal case, confirming that he assigned his work to the foundation, when already in 1984 someone tried to steal his works and claim them for personal use.

    • The copyrights to Osho’s work, have been confirmed in a final ruling by the Central District Court of California, USA in the case of Rajneesh Foundation International v Pat Lear et al (Case No. CV 82-5618), specifically, the validity of copyright ownership of all works of Osho (formerly know under the name Rajneesh) by Rajneesh Foundation International, USA, the predecessor and direct Assignee of Osho International Foundation (“OIF”).

    • The court specifically denied any claim that the copyrights of the foundation are in the public domain. As such, the copyright relied upon by OIF is non-questionable.

    • The works have been registered at the India and the US Copyright Offices in the name of the foundation.

    • All documents related to the ownership of these works are public records at the US Copyright Office.

    • There is no record that Osho ever gave any rights to his works to Rajansinh Thakor. If you think you have any rights, you are free to claim these rights in a court of law.

    We request you again to remove all pirated works from your account and to cease and desist from any further piracy or infringements of works by Osho and from further distribution of false legal information.


    Klaus Steeg

    Cc: YouTube Copyright Department
    Osho International, Legal Department

    Klaus Steeg | Director | OSHO International Foundation

    Klaus Steeg – Osho International Foundation, Bahnhofstrasse 52, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland
    Tel: +41 (44) 214 62 42 – Fax: +41 (44) 214 65 19 – eMail:

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